Friday, April 11, 2008


Websters defines desire as "to have a longing for or the strength of feeling and often implies strong intention or aim".
This is my definition of desire: Desires are the heartbeats that fuel our passions. Passions are the things we hold onto that have been given to us that make our life exciting, interesting and new.
Matt Redman has written a song called "Majesty". In the song there is a line that says
"Here I stand, knowing I am Your desire. Sanctified by glory and fire."
As I sang those words tonight in a worship service it clutched my heart so hard. It is the ultimate desire of my Lord and Savior for me to come to Him and be made righteous and sanctified. My Lord longs for nothing more than for me to come to Him Holy and pure worshiping Him above all else. Yet I come and so many times purposefully decide to do something else rather than what He desires. Does this sink in? The heartbeat of my Lord beats for me to be sanctified. What if (and this is merely a metaphor) the Lord's heart skipped a beat when I chose not to follow Him and go the way my sinful nature desires? Would I choose enough times to keep His heart beating or would there be so many beats skipped that it stopped?

I want to please my Lord and though I will fall short, I pray that I'm so close to Him that all I do is fall directly in front of His feet knowing there is no better place for me to be than there. I hope and pray that my desires don't take up too much room in my heart that I have no room left for the desire of God.

"I surrender it all to You
I surrender it all to You
I let it go and give it to You
I let it go and give it to You"